Panel Members

The Lanarkshire Valuation Appeal Panel has jurisdiction in relation to all such disputes relating to properties situated within the boundaries of North and South Lanarkshire. The Panel consists of thirteen members. Members are appointed by the Sheriff Principal of South Strathclyde Dumfries and Galloway. From those members the Sheriff Principal appoints a Panel Chairman and Deputy Chairman. The present Panel Chairman is Mr George Porteous and the present Deputy Chairperson is Mrs Alison Blaney.

Members of the Panel must reside or be engaged in business or be employed in the local authority areas of North or South Lanarkshire. Panel members are voluntary and unpaid. They have no prior knowledge of the appeal.

The Panel is assisted by a Secretary to the Panel who carries out administrative work on behalf of the Panel and supplies legal advice to assist the Panel in carrying out its functions, particularly on procedural and legal matters when hearing appeals. The Panel is also assisted by an Assistant Secretary. Both the Secretary and Assistant Secretary are solicitors and are appointed by the Sheriff Principal. The Secretary is Alan Bayley and the Assistant Secretary is Mrs Anne Brophy.

Alan Bayley, Secretary
Almada Chambers
95 Almada Street
Hamilton ML3 0EY
Phone: 01698 282158
Fax: 01698 891144

Anne Brophy, Assistant Secretary
Mediacorp House
2 Caird Park
Hamilton ML3 0EU
Phone: 01698 200111
Fax: 01698 537772